A dim scene in which two paintings of Van Gogh’s are projected in the background and two wooden chairs stand in the middle

Date:  April, 2003

Location:  Teatro Lucy Boscana del Patio de los Dominicos, ICP, San Juan

Director:  Orlando González Rivera

Actor:  Pedro Orlando Torres  

Music:  Fabian Velez  

Visuals:  Juanchi Gonzalez  

Description:  A monologue performed by the excellent actor Peter Orlando Torres, where he tells the human side of the genius of painting, Vincent Van Gogh.  Peter Orlando Torres played the brother of Vincent Van Gogh Teo.  A stage where experimental visual works of Vincent and key moments of his life, the music composed for the occasion and the performance of Peter Orlando Torres caused a 'tour de force' rarely seen in Puerto Rican Theater.


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