Extended Summer 2012


Date:  June, 2012

Location:  Escuela Carmen Gómez de Tejera

Director:  Orlando González Rivera 

Artist Resource:  Rashalle Burns | Mara Nieves | Rebecca Tirado | María Caro | María Dolores Pedro | Nick Zannette | Antonio Torres | Leo Castro | Elyanis González | Elizabeth Vanga | Emmanuel Marrero |   

Description:  The Support Office of Arts, Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP) has been involved, for the last 25 years, in promoting the integration of the arts into the regular curriculum of the Department of Education.  This program has been one of the constants of this office through the years and has appointed various artists and teachers from different disciplines to strengthen the same.  The program has become known in recent years as:  Integration of the Arts in Education.  In collaboration with the Department of Education, it has come to schools in all parts of the island, in a genuine effort to reach all schools in the regular stream.  In 2011, the Office of Support for Arts ICP and its director Brenna Quigley made a genuine commitment to reach all students in the educational system.  The pilot project in the School Moczó Pedro began working for the first time the integration of Arts in Education for Special Education students.  The collaboration of the teacher Lourdes Rivera and the director of Pedro Moczó School, Mrs. Norma de Jesus, was a key factor in the success of this pilot program (see folder available on the ICP on this project).

Artists and mentors Ileana 'Nana' Hudo and Orlando Gonzalez Rivera were appointed for this so important and special project.  Ileana 'Nana' Hudo, an artist who has been working in the program of Arts in Education from the beginning, and Orlando Gonzalez Rivera, an artist who has five years working with the same and 15 years working with groups that promote the rights of people with autism, accepted the new assignment with great pleasure.  The results of this program were so surprising and encouraging that it was decided to continue the experience with the Extended Summer Program of the Department of Special Education Gómez Tejera School during the month of June 2012.

Team eclécticO Int., Inc. with 10 artists in various disciplines, four administrative assistants, 15 teachers, 65 assistants, project coordinator of the school, Lourdes Chévere, director Isabel Vazquez Lake, 70 students, unconditional cooperation from the Special Education Assistant Secretaries, Johanne Serrano and Awilda Nunez and the ICP Executive Director, Mercedes Gomez, were challenged to lay the groundwork for what could be a new style of teaching / learning in the Special Education Program, island-wide.  What you will see and read next is the result of a month of hard work, intense emotions, a lot of creativity and above all love for our children and satisfaction of all. 

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