Our Traditional and Modern circus shows are a dramatic mix of fabrics, trapeze, lyra, clowns, juggling, harness flight & dance.

Our artistic personnel, choreographers and directors have studied and trained in the best schools and art centers of Brasil, Argentina, Puerto Rico, the United States, England and France.  This diverse and experienced group infuses an eclectic and universal aesthetics to all our productions and performances.  Our Luna Maluca show is a traditional circus performance with five artists:  a clown who acts as the Master of Ceremony (MC), a juggler, a silks performer, a lyra and a stilts / clown artist.  It is a show for all kinds of audiences but mostly thought out for ages 5 through 12. It is an itinerant spectacle that can be set up in any context as a traditional circus would.  The modern circus performance, Tribute to Uselessness or Hell, is a performance that follows the dramatic European and South American tradition of the circus, where the artistic numbers are developed within a broader context trying to convey a special message or setting a mood.  It can be presented in any theater with stage ceiling heights of at least 30 feet. There must also be either catwalks, bars or iron beams to hang two silks and a trapeze.  Both shows have received an extremely positive response from the audiences. 


Length:  45 minutes Artist: Description:  Fabrics/ Trapeze / Lyra / Clown/ Juggling /


Length:  45 minutes Artist: Description:  Fabrics/ Trapeze / Scaffolds / Dance/


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