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We are a nonprofit corporation that collaborates with and fosters the careers of experienced and new artists with disabilities.

Our corporation collaborates with artists and have specially made it its mission to open spaces for professional and well trained artists with disabilities.  Thus, our three main artistic groups and individuals represented at this moment are:  the Blind Jazz Project, Luis Jose Irizarry Rodriguez (pianist) and Sylvia Aponte (soprano).  We have introduced these artists to audiences in Puerto Rico and will continue to do so as well as will present them internationally.  Our collaboration entails:  personal coaching, contract negotiation, arts administration and musical productions.  All professional or semi-professional artists with and without disabilities can contact us to discuss potential collaborations in the future.  We will give orientation and refer artists to training so they can become professionals and collaborate with us in the future. 


Branding:  We translate your unique artistic vision into a memorable brand that attracts presenters and audiences alike.

Information Kits:  We can create kits and packets with well-written biographies, background information, headshots and editorial photography, article reprints and performance information and other materials specific to your situation.

Web Tools:  We develop and maintain Web sites and online media kits that appeal to presenters and fans.  We can also develop administrative tools that enable artists to add content to their sites at will, as well as to make changes to areas like calendars without maintenance costs or having to learn HTML.


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