We offer artistic and accessibility products and services that will enhance your organization's or business' performance by increasing and improving your services to a broader clientele.

We are the only company in Puerto Rico since 2006 offering full accessibility in our performances.  We have also assisted other companies by offering audio-description, sign language and open caption services.  Besides offering accessibility support to other companies, we raise awareness through workshops for producers, theater managers, non-profit organizations, government agencies and the private sector about the need to make places and services fully accessible "beyond the ramp".  We are the only company offering audio-description workshops in Puerto Rico for professionals related to the arts in order to create a pool of professionals who can render their services in the different artistic venues.  We also offer workshops to sign language interpreters in order to experience the different ways to interpret during a theater performance or concert.


Audio-description:  audio descriptor, transmitter, headphones, cabins, microphones, workshops.

Sign Language:  Traditional - interpreter is on one side of the stage, shadow - interpreter follows the speaker, artist or character at all times to all places, part of the scene - the interpreter is part of the characters in each scene.

Sub-titles:  Teleprompter program or stenographer, a monitor or a screen, and technician.

Amplification:  FM headphones connected directly to the sound system for those hard of hearing.

Large Print:  Programs with an 18-point size.

Braille:  Programs or documents for the blind in Braille. 

Accessible Web Designs:  Web design & graphics services available to inform, help plan, create, maintain and promote your projects.

DVD, Movies, TV:  Audio description, 'close captioning' and sub-titling in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian.

Accessible email campaigns & Promotions:  Reach a larger audience with accessible viral campaigns and embed sign language videos and all text alternates for reader programs for the blind.  

Accessible Multimedia: Cover multiple media types, used harmoniously together in creating new experiences in areas such as image processing, sound, music, videos, and animations. It is also important to create media types that are not only visual and appealing but also accessible to all audiences through closed captions, audio descriptions and create alternates to each media type.



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