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1)	Integrate to the arts logo that contains 3 children joyfully playing on a rainbow. A little boy in a wheelchair playing the guitar as another little boy dances. A little girls stands at the top of the rainbow with the sad and happy theater masks.

Integrating the arts to the regular curriculum has systematically improved students performance at school.  Among our staff, we have experts in dance, theater and visual arts who can work with children from Kinder (K) to 12 and in special education programs.

Our personnel has 5 years plus in working with teachers and directors in public schools on how to integrate the arts in the regular curriculum.  After participating in workshops with experts from the United States, our personnel has managed to adopt and adapt different techniques for any school setting.


Our services include:

a) training teachers on the basic elements of the arts and how to integrate it to any subject matter, and thus create enjoyable activities in the classroom to improve the teaching / learning process;

b) mentoring of teachers once they begin integrating their classes;

c) assessment and evaluation of their needs before, during and after the implementation of the program.                                                             

We have worked in grades K to 12, to include children in special education programs.  All research studies, without exception, have shown that the integration of Arts in Education has improved the learning process of students, but it has shown to be specially helpful for students at risk of quitting school and students with special needs.

Needs assessment and program evaluation:  initial surveys; pre-tests and post-tests; on-site evaluations; report writing.

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