Bent 2002 & 2003

A silhouette of two men behind a glass pane, with one man tied to a chair as the other stands over him intimately.

Date:  May, 2002 & April, 2003

Location:  Experimental Hall, Carlos Marichal, Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferré

Director:  Orlando González Rivera

Actors:  Pedro Orlando Torres | Israel Lugo and Ángel Vázquez

Music:  Philippe Agou

Set design:  Oscar Guerrero y Orlando González Rivera

Costume Design:  Wardrobe Research and Design, Inc.

Description:  This work involving Orlando Pedro Torres, Israel Vazquez and Angel Lugo tells the terrible reality that homosexuals lived during the Nazi era in Germany.  In a debut of Orlando Gonzalez as theater director and producer, the theatrical production received 7 nominations from the Circle Theater Critics of Puerto Rico (best performance (2) [Pedro Orlando Torres and Israel Lugo], best music, best scenery, best lighting design and best production [Orlando Gonzalez], best director [Orlando Gonzalez]). 


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