Center for the Arts for All

The visual arts teacher helps a student affix colored squares to the back of a paper silhouette of a human body.

Date:  February, 2013

Location: Colegio San Gabriel, Puerto Nuevo

Director:  Orlando González Rivera

Artist Resources: Ileana Nana Hudo | Coral del Mar Fuentes | Rashelle Burns | Mara Nieves | Rebecca Tirado | María Caro | Antonio Torres | Carmen E. Méndez | Víctor Luis Gastón | Zoyra Díaz | Rafael Román | Ronaldo González | Orlando González Rivera.


eclécticO Int., Inc. has the mission to make the arts accessible to artists and audiences with special needs. In addition, next to the San Gabriel School, encourages the integration of arts education as a way to achieve better academically and achieve, above all, the development of every individual. "Recognizing that people with special needs have fewer opportunities to experience the arts, we decided to create this space so they can enjoy access the same total and free from prejudice, "stated Orlando González Rivera, Executive Director of eclécticO Int., Inc.


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