Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is this a non-profit organization?  Yes, registered and tax-exempt under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.  In the process of obtaining the federal tax-exemption 501(c)3.

2. Do you have private performances for companies or agencies?  Yes, our performances could be custom-made according to a client’s specific needs.  We can adjust to different budgets.

3. Do you train artists to become professionals?  No, we work with well trained professional or semi-professionals artists with or without disabilities in all disciplines.  We can refer artists with or without disabilities to other corporations who offer training to become professionals.

4. How does the company support itself?  The company conducts productions to raise money, receives government monies from proposals presented and receives donations from the private sector and individuals.  All donations can be deducted in their tax return forms.

5. Do you have professional collaborations with other corporations or individual artists?  Yes, we firmly believe in collaborating with other organizations and individuals and establishing healthy relationship that can help all parties grow and develop.

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